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    Grab a tall glass of ice cold sweet tea and stay awhile! My name is Michelle and I am so glad you have come to visit my site. I'm momma to Isaac, Isabelle, baby Luke, and wife to my partner in crime, Todd. We are the Maddox family, living out our dream of the simple life. I started documenting for others in 2011 under the name of our two small babes Isaac & Isabelle. Since then we have been blessed with our third little guy, Luke. Our homestead has grown with babies of all sorts. Farm animals galore, more like an Old McDonald farm! So we want to share that with you all, open our hearts and home to each client. Come for a fun, laid back, relaxing time enjoying the simple things with us!

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Fly {2017 Franklin County Senior}

The door is opening on a new journey. It is a different path for each but it seems we all face the same questions and emotions at this time in our lives. The dreams are big and limitless, but the fear is often great. Let not the fear choke out the hope. Spread your wings wide and fly.


A tribute to her pap that passed on his love for horses to her. His presence could be felt over his whole farm.


CapeCod and Beyond {a family adventure}

A camping trip 14 hours from home with 3 kids in a tent was quite the adventure for us. We planned and packed, loaded up the car and horse trailer (to haul our necessities and to keep things dry), and headed for New England where we had never had the opportunity to visit until now. I was excited to see it all, I am an old soul that crave’s all things British, this was a treat for me. To take the children camping in a 200 acre pine forrest camp ground, visit The Mayflower and Plimouth Plantation, and the Thornton Burgess Briar Patch, well, as a homeschooling momma my heart was over-joyed! Do not get me wrong in my writings and the pretty photos of my family happy and smiling, we are NOT perfect and there were countless moments of ugly tempers (parents & child), severe whining, and not an ounce of patience left at the end of long days. But the sum of it all was very amazing and God blessed. We kicked off the start of our homeschool year with this trip, always embracing Charlotte Mason methods, we learned through senses, audiobooks, narration, and ole fashion experience of being some place different.

“Children are born with all the curiosity they will ever need. It will last a lifetime if they are fed upon a daily diet of ideas.’~Charlotte Mason

Here are the majority of the photos I was able to document, I so so regret that I did not take my big camera into Thomas Land! I actually cried tears about it later. Isaac (8) has been in LOVE with Thomas The Tank Engine since he was 18mos. old. Thomas Land existed only in England, so it was on our bucket list, but we knew he would probably lose interest before we would have the means to take the whole family to England. Well, behold, Thomas Land USA!!! In Carver MA, right outside of Plymouth MA!! And so the tripped was a GO! I did get many photos on my iPhone and videos, I chose not to take the big camera along for fear I wouldn’t be able to ride some of the rides or not be fully aware with just my naked eyes. Isaac was in awe, and completely speechless, the essence of pure joy and peace of a child was all over him that day. I cried for the entire first 30mins, hiding in my sunglasses and I near ugly cried at times. To see him at 8 years, FINALLY be in a dream come true! It all flooded my memory of when he would carry that little thomas train everywhere he went, when he couldn’t talk but maybe 2-3 words (delayed speech), but would muster out “borden” aka Gorden. Oh how my momma heart jumped up into my throat that day! So, later I will post separately some photos from Thomas Land when I get them off my phone.

2016-09-12_00052016-09-12_00012016-09-12_00022016-09-12_00032016-09-12_00042016-09-12_00062016-09-12_00072016-09-12_00082016-09-12_00092016-09-12_00102016-09-12_00112016-09-12_00122016-09-12_00132016-09-12_00142016-09-12_00152016-09-12_00162016-09-12_00172016-09-12_00182016-09-12_00192016-09-12_00202016-09-12_00212016-09-12_00222016-09-12_00232016-09-12_00252016-09-12_00712016-09-12_00242016-09-12_0026Thornton Burgess is on of our favorite authors to read. His living books are so much fun while educational. It was a treat for us all to be able to walk through the Briar Patch where all his animals live!


Isabelle said, “LOOK! Blacky The Crow has been here!”

2016-09-12_00292016-09-12_00302016-09-12_0031And finally, the Merry Little Breezes had led us straight to the Smiling Pool.

2016-09-12_00332016-09-12_00342016-09-12_00352016-09-12_00322016-09-12_0036The Jam Kitchen at the Briar Patch.




Farm Frolicking

When days were void of the ping from an iphone, the roar of an interstate, the shouts from a television, those are days often longed for. I love this place I call home and fully enjoy my job, it allows my family and I the opportunity to open our hearts and welcome photo clients to the homestead. The sheer bliss on the children’s faces as they discover the farm animals is always magical to me.  The connection between land and man, animal life and the human spirit, sustainable living and the reward of hard labor, it’s all fulfilling. On this day I had the most precious time watching and documenting the wonder of a child as she discovered some of those things.



In Full Bloom

You often here the saying that a flower doesn’t compete with the one planted next to it,  it just blooms. I love that, love it! Regardless of the situations that surround you, just live life to the fullest, praise Him with all you have, bloom to your deepest and greatest potential. I have had the pleasure of watching this family bloom and grow so bright, they have a special place in my heart. I asked Rebecca if she had any words she would like to share for this post. Below are some of her sweet words…2016-06-26_0001I don’t have a lot of pictures of my childhood, and although I do love (and chuckle) at old school pictures far and away my favorite pics are the ones that I connect to a memory, or remind me of the person I was at that time.  When I look thru pictures of our session, I’m always surprised at the level of “us” you are able to capture, I can almost hear Evelyn’s chuckles as she ran thru the vines (oh and that eye roll she gave Max when they talked on the blanket, I feel like that’s going to make more appearances in her teen years, haha)… and Max’s uncertainty after falling into the mud, daddy making it better and them playing in it together… holding my sweet gal just like I always do, whispering in her ear how much I love her and covering her with kisses.  Laughing with Kenny over who knows what and just being comfortable together.  Oh and how can I forget when Max broke free from a more formal pose and took off running, TYPICAL.  You know that’s us in a nutshell, and this season of life won’t last and when I look back at our session I can remember what it was like so vividly.  And it’s more than just remembering what we looked like, it’s recalling my boisterous fella and sweet gal and a man that puts up and loves me in spite of my crazy.  What a wonderful gift you’ve given me Michelle.  I really can’t wrap my analytical head around how you get all that in a picture, they really are storytelling pics oh and the way you incorporate those GORGEOUS backgrounds and make the mundane look like a magazine without losing the realness of it is like a superpower.  Thank you Michelle, you’re stuck with us forever!2016-06-26_0002Thank you friend, for those very kind words! I do feel that what stands in front of me while I am shooting my camera is always beautiful. Sometimes there is a fear among parents that the children will stray off course, but really what is the course for a photo session? There shouldn’t be a formality to it, this is life that we want to remember when we look at these photos 10, 20, 40 years from now. Perfection is not reality, nor should be what we strive for when freezing our most precious loved ones in time.  If we experience pouting, so be it, muddy knees, lets embrace it! I promise you that when walls and expections are let down and set free, even for just a photo session, you will feel so at ease and most often have a memorable experience. I am thrilled that the Swaffords have totally embraced this idea!2016-06-26_00032016-06-26_0004You love me clean, you love me dirty, when I’m pouting, when I’m sweet, although I dance to my own beat you allow me, there are no conditions to your love and no conditions to mine, I am a soul full of hope, full of promise, please always remember me this way.2016-06-26_00052016-06-26_00062016-06-26_00072016-06-26_00082016-06-26_00092016-06-26_00102016-06-26_0011