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    Grab a tall glass of ice cold sweet tea and stay awhile! My name is Michelle and I am so glad you have come to visit my site. I'm momma to Isaac, Isabelle, baby Luke, and wife to my partner in crime, Todd. We are the Maddox family, living out our dream of the simple life. I started documenting for others in 2011 under the name of our two small babes Isaac & Isabelle. Since then we have been blessed with our third little guy, Luke. Our homestead has grown with babies of all sorts. Farm animals galore, more like an Old McDonald farm! So we want to share that with you all, open our hearts and home to each client. Come for a fun, laid back, relaxing time enjoying the simple things with us!

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Spring Glory

2015 was a most incredible year, the busiest one yet! In February we welcomed into the world our third child, Luke. Through my pregnancy with him I took time off to focus on family and my first session back was last spring. This is the session, and let me tell you it was one that pulls at my heart. There is nothing like capturing the love between mother and child! Other than the love Christ has for us, the love of mother and child is the greatest love I know.

I am very late to the game with blogging, but it has been a blessed busy season and I hope to catch up slowly. We as a family, and my business partner Breanna, are all looking forward to the 2016 journey.

Much love to you all and many many blessings! xoxo~Michelle

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The Best Present


What was an anniversary shoot turned into one of the most memorable moments of two peoples lives, and I got to be a part of it! So so blessed that Amanda asked me to capture this on camera for them. She had this idea to put together the puzzle, that Jon had gifted her, during their session. Little did he know that she switched his puzzle for one of her own. Once they dumped the pieces from the box he was surprised and just went with it.  He thought it was going to announce a trip she had booked or something similar, but it was sooooo much better. The love that they have is so infectious and genuine. I can’t wait to see how it grows over the next few months! Thank you Jon & Amanda for trusting me and allowing me to be present for this moment. God bless your beautiful family!



Mobley Family {A Maternity Session}

Well, here she is. My soul sister. I met Breanna and her family about a year and a half ago, but it feels like we have known each other since childhood. Her adorable little sister had her senior session with me, and then Breanna’s husband, Drew, scheduled a family session with me. As a gift for Mother’s Day! Isn’t that the nicest?!? By the proof meeting I knew we were going to be long time friends. Never have I met a stranger and we finish each other’s sentences time after time. It was sooo weird!! I could get two words out and she knew exactly what I was thinking. I have that connection with other ladies in my life, but never with a person I just met. So we began to hang out and let the kids play, and bam, it’s like family! With lots of prayer and long talks of fertility issues, this family was blessed with a baby boy that is due any second now! In all that friendship making she also became my stylist, doing hair and make-up for my Senior girls. We would joke that the two of us would be expecting at the same time, waddling around with big belly’s and eating everything in sight. And here we are, both expecting miracle baby boys just 13 weeks apart. It amazes us at the way God works. How he puts people into your life, to help you on your journey, to love you, help pray for your desires, and give you a good laugh when its most needed. I love you Breanna! God has favor with you, and I can’t wait to see how he is going to continue to work in your life and family.