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    Grab a tall glass of ice cold sweet tea and stay awhile! My name is Michelle and I am so glad you have come to visit my site. I'm momma to Isaac, Isabelle, baby Luke, and wife to my partner in crime, Todd. We are the Maddox family, living out our dream of the simple life. I started documenting for others in 2011 under the name of our two small babes Isaac & Isabelle. Since then we have been blessed with our third little guy, Luke. Our homestead has grown with babies of all sorts. Farm animals galore, more like an Old McDonald farm! So we want to share that with you all, open our hearts and home to each client. Come for a fun, laid back, relaxing time enjoying the simple things with us!

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A Peek Inside Our Thanksgiving

I love the Holidays, from Thanksgiving through Christmas. It is such a magical time to me. As I get older and now that my kids are growing up so fast, these times become more & more important to me. I wanted to capture the natural and traditional times of our every year Thanksgiving. It’s a way of journaling for me and also sharing some of myself with you guys.




The world’s best baked beans!


My momma! So glad her and my brother were able to come & spend Thanksgiving with us!


All this laughter is from watching the “Frozen” preview over & over again!



Mariah {Mcauley High School Senior 2014}

Sometimes it all turns out perfect. This day certainly did! The light was gorgeous, her outfits complimented every detail that nature was giving us that day. Her laugh was vibrant, which I am sure it always is, her hair curled perfectly for her, haha! Mariah had mentioned that getting her hair to curl usually didn’t turn out the best, but in the rush of it all and trying to beat the sunset her hair turned out fabulous! Mariah, you are one of the sweetest souls that I have ever met! Thank you and your awesome momma for allowing me to capture your senior photos. Never doubt your beauty! Your face is stunning….I should know, I had to stare at it for hours. hehe!! Much love to you and keep me posted on where your journey takes you. Hopefully one of these years we can do a Tangled style {engagement} photo shoot!! Hah!




My Baby Is 4!

I can’t believe Ms.Isabelle is already 4! She grew way too fast on us. When I asked her last Spring what kind of birthday she would like to have, of course her response was, “a pink Minnie Mouse burf-day!” She was so excited to have all her friends and cousins over, to wear that Minnie dress, & to see PINK every where. She is such a blessing to our lives every single day. I can not believe how much she has already taught me in just 4 years! Isabelle is so full of life and energy that there are days I can’t keep up with her, but I wouldn’t trade her spunk for anything in the world. My heart could explode with the love that it holds for her. She is part of my soul, simple as that. Momma loves you Princess Pie!



This is her new kitten she got. She named it Figaro of course.


They really do love each other…… sometimes. This is our Isaac&Isabelle. My heart. My Soul. My Loves. My Life.

LoVe ThIS~

Motherhood is about raising and celebrating the child you have, not the child you thought you would have. It’s about understanding that she is exactly the person she is supposed to be. And that, if you’re lucky, he just might be the teacher who turns you into the person you are supposed to be.

~Joan Ryan