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    Grab a tall glass of ice cold sweet tea and stay awhile! My name is Michelle and I am so glad you have come to visit my site. I'm momma to Isaac, Isabelle, baby Luke, and wife to my partner in crime, Todd. We are the Maddox family, living out our dream of the simple life. I started documenting for others in 2011 under the name of our two small babes Isaac & Isabelle. Since then we have been blessed with our third little guy, Luke. Our homestead has grown with babies of all sorts. Farm animals galore, more like an Old McDonald farm! So we want to share that with you all, open our hearts and home to each client. Come for a fun, laid back, relaxing time enjoying the simple things with us!

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A Steampunk {inspired} Photo Shoot

I’m always trying to think of something clever to write about with my blog post, and here recently all post are being written late at night. Which means that my brain is not so clever and I really do not have much at all to say. I will leave this one to just a few little words. Like I say with all my shoots, I loved this one, it’s one of my all time favorites, it makes me happy, makes me smile, screams “this is me”, and I would love for all of my sessions to be just like this one…magical and unique. I hope you all enjoy looking at these photos as much as I have enjoyed making them. xoxo~Michelle


Boy Oh Boy {Fun On The Farm}

One of the funnest photo sessions I have ever had. I am in absolute LOVE with photographing children! They have such a natural spark and whimsical spirit about them. My dream is to shoot all my clients with something fun and out of the “ordinary”, a custom design & theme for all is what I say!! How much fun would that be?? So much fun for me, and I think that’s what customers that come to me are looking for. About 90% of my clients tell me right off the bat, “I love your style, it’s so different.”, “you don’t see it every where.” So, I will take that and use it as a tool and go with what my passion is in photography…. themed, whimsical shoots!! Yay, so exciting!! They don’t all have to be crazy over the top, but more subtle with a little fun here & there. Like this session with these darling, darling boys. I went to them, to their home, and captured them doing what they do everyday and the result was amazing. To see the light in their eyes showing me their animals, tree house, & paintings was a blessing and then hearing their mothers sweet words about how the photos turned out was the icing on my blessed cake! I believe her words were the sweetest I have ever heard back from a customer. She shared with me how they made her feel, and that made me feel so, so good. So enough of my rants and on with some adorable photos. Enjoy!

Mary Holdcraft - January 8, 2013 - 4:16 pm

You did amazing job with the boys,Im not just saying this because they are my grandkids.There was not one that I didnt love.Thank you for doing a amazing job!!Cant wait till spring so I can have you out for more pictures!

Bethany’s Senior Session

I’m so glad I had the chance to not only photograph Bethany, but to also meet her. She is just the sweetest and a joy to be around. I mean when you have a sweet beautiful young girl offer to baby-sit for you how can you not love them?? LOL! We had a lot of fun both days that we worked together! Her initial shoot was scheduled on kind of a dreary day so she came back for a couple more shots when we had a little sun to work with. As my son Isaac says, “mister golden sun” makes pictures so pretty! Thank you Beth for choosing me to capture your senior photos! It was an honor. Oh, and thank you for offering your babysitting services, I look forward to using those one day.:)