Unveiling My Heart

I write this on my 35th birthday. A rainy, muddy, messy day, sitting on my front porch with a desire to pour my heart out to you all with the most eloquent words. But I am not made up of fancy words or a fancy life. I’m a mess most days, a grace filled mess, and that’s ok.

After returning from a soul-filling business workshop I mentioned lightly that some changes were coming, they are and they are so good. First I must convey what I desire in my work, what I strive for and want to shine through each photo. I want you to see love, light, grace, joy, peace, patience, the imperfect realities of everyday, mercy in the mess, the beauties of an organic moment. Life is a miracle and deserves to be celebrated. So we want photographs to remember life, where we were at this age, or that year, or that life-changing season. It’s all about LIFE. If you look up the meaning you will find so many definitions.

*the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.

*existence, being, living, animation.


*vitality, vigor, or energy

*a particular type or aspect of people’s existence.

Wow! Living this life is amazing isn’t it?! Not always easy or perfect, but it is astonishing. So that’s what I wish to show in my photos, the final piece I want to present you. I am a LIFE photographer.


{photo credit: Elyse Rowland Photography}

~What is my life?~

I am a firm believer that all life was created by God, so mine is God given. The joy and peace that I find comes from serving Him, accepting Jesus was the very best decision of my life.

I witness and experience continual change, vitality, animation, growth, and all life emotions in my family. They are my center, my all. Those three little souls that God gave and my husband equal the whole sum of my life. To strip it down even further, my purpose in this current season is motherhood. Not just the act of raising children but the call to nurture and prepare souls. I am daily responsible for three eternal beings. That is a HUGE responsibilty. Some days I struggle with just keeping their belly’s full and keeping them clean. When I pull back and look at the big ole picture of who they are, I see growth. Growth that happens way too fast. Soon enough it’s sleep-overs, then church camp, then driving, then marriage, and so on. One day they will be spouses to another, fathers, and a mother. They will have children and grandchildren. They will grow old. I want them to be joyous in all their life, full of peace in their souls. I know that the greatest growth, testimonies, and beauty of a persons character most often comes from brokenness. Their hearts will break and I hope I’ve laid a good enough foundation that when that happens they get through with minimal scars. Pouring Jesus into them through our everyday life is my goal. Some days I fail with my ugly temper, but pushing forward in grace we get through.

I was pulled, a little bit kicking and screaming, into homeschooling them. I was hung up on, “I’m not a teacher”, and “I’m not smart enough”. I was wrong. I am their teacher. I’m their mother, a calling higher than “teacher”. And smart enough? I had to trust in Him for that, and still do daily. But after sometime I realized God was wanting me to pull back my focus and look at family life. That the value of family and the sacred union of what family was meant to be is often lost in today’s world. So that has guided us in our home-school style and also trickled over into my work as a photographer. I come from a broken home with lots of broken stories. As a girl my dream was to provide an unbroken home for my kids. God has given me that. And so my photographer heart can’t suppress or deny my momma heart for intentional and purposeful family living any longer.


~How this flows over into your story.~

Joy Prouty of Wildflowers Photography pushed us ladies at her workshop to dig deep. To find our stories and fully embrace who we were and what makes our passions ignite. She has the most beautiful calling on her life and I am so very thankful that she follows after that calling. Joy, you sparked a fire with-in me, unveiled so much that I was hiding. Words could never describe the weight of how your soul touched mine.

So I have this new found love for my work and so many, many ideas! What ever to do with it all and how do I convey it to my clients? First step was this post, telling you my heart! I want to photograph your LIFE. Your existence, growth, animation, creation, viatlity, intentional love, organic moments of movement, and all the change. I feel if you are open to digging deep and allowing yourself and your children to move freely, to show raw emotion, be it happy or sad, those photos will be the most cherished.

I’ll leave you with this, a favorite from The Life Giving Home by Sally Clarkson~

” Each of us longs for a place to belong, a connection that gives roots to our wandering lives. Our hearts hunger for community where we are intimate members, a sense of belonging to people who love us. Our souls crave a purpose bigger than our jobs, a connection to a sense of meaning. We yearn to know that our own stories have significance in the grander scheme of God’s megastory. All of these may be found in home- a place to belong, a people to be a part of, and a purpose where God’s righteousness and design are celebrated and cherished in community everyday.”

Family IS God’s design. From here forward that will be my focus in all things, work and home.

Hugs and love to all!!